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Volunteering and Community Service

Types of Volunteers
Performing Hearts primary goal is to arrange for performing artists to serve as volunteer workshop leaders, class teachers and performers for social service agencies and other organizations operated by a state or local government or organizations that qualify as exempt under 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code focused on helping people disabled with mental and physical impairments and serious health issues. Performing Hearts activities are conducted by volunteers from the community including performing artists, and any other interested individuals. In many cases, those ‘other interested’ individuals are teachers, friends and family members of the performing artists. Volunteer community service functions are conducted throughout the calendar year. As a great number of the volunteers are students, most of the events are conducted on weekend days and during the summer.

On-going Activities
Performing Heats teams with other organizations providing on-going community services either in a leadership role or in a support role.

Event-based Activities
Most of the events are conceived, arranged, and conducted by local volunteers who schedule the events based on the availability and preferences of the organizations being served. For example, if a local volunteer group has an interest in visiting a local camp for children with disabilities, the schedule might be limited to summer times if the camp is a seasonal facility. On the other hand, if the volunteer group was interested in visiting a children’s hospital, the activity could be arranged for any time, subject to the availability of the hospital’s facilities and appropriate staff, as applicable.

Community service activities, which are the culmination of all of the other Performing Hearts activities, are conducted predominantly in facilities designed to care for the individuals Performing Hearts is most interested in helping. For example, Performing Hearts workshops for children with mental and physical handicaps are usually held in either special schools or camps dedicated to those individuals. Workshops for children with serious illnesses are usually conducted in hospitals or in hospital-like facilities.

Education and Motivation

Performing Hearts is committed to promoting, encouraging, and educating the public regarding the performing arts and its role as therapy for people disabled with mental and physical impairments and serious health issues. Educational and motivational sessions are conducted throughout the year.

Fund Raising

Performing Hearts receives its operating resources from contributions - in many cases, from unsolicited donors and others as a direct result of fundraising activities. Performing Hearts is exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Fundraising that is ongoing includes primarily website-based solicitations. Special event fundraising is based on one-time and annual events such as theater-based variety shows, annual gala / dinner dance and annual golf outings. Performing Hearts funding comes from three principle sources: (1) Contributions from the general public, predominantly individuals close to performing arts activities; (2) Contributions from corporate sponsors in the form of cash and supplies for the community service events; and (3) Performing Hearts conducted fundraising events such as annual golf events or special performances provide additional funding in ticket sales proceeds and the sale of donated materials through event-based auctions. You may make contributions through this website by clicking here (and following the instructions).
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