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In a perfect world, every child would be healthy with opportunities to pursue their dreams, including in the arts. Unfortunately, our world includes many children who are living with disabilities and battling serious illness, both physical and mental -- making these dreams very difficult to realize. Performing Hearts provides opportunities for these children to enjoy the art of dance -- first-hand with their peers and with others who have committed their time and talent to help Performing Hearts in its cause.

Performing Hearts has been enabling children to enjoy dance for more than ten years, designing programs based on the needs of children in neighborhoods where Performing Hearts volunteers live. Performing Hearts founders Jordyn and Jason Luks organized their first program in 2000, described below in their words:

“We started Performing Hearts initially as a "tzedakah" (doing good things) project. We wanted to spend time with the people who we sometimes might, unintentionally, be forgetting - in particular, people who might otherwise feel left out in a kind of "personal wilderness." We chose to focus on the many children stricken with terrible illnesses and disabilities. To accomplish our goals, we organized a group of our friends who dance, sing, and play musical instruments. Most of our activities are conducted at special camps, hospitals and nursing homes where we conduct basic movement and dance workshops to upbeat music and perform dance routines, vocal numbers and musical pieces.

When we initially reached out to our friends with the idea behind Performing Hearts, we received a tremendous response. We spent several months planning for our first major event. We were obviously very anxious as the day approached........Well it turned out to be a major success! We visited Camp Happy Times in Tyler Hill, Pennsylvania. Camp Happy Times is a camp for kids who are battling cancer and blood disorders. They host approximately 200 children ranging in age from 5 to 20. The camp is run by
The Valerie Fund. We recognize the Valerie Fund and the Camp Happy Times leadership for having the courage to give us the opportunity to share in their wonderful gift. From our experiences, we have learned that helping other people is important. It might take a lot of your time but it is not hard to do, and it is a lot of fun and rewarding. We believe that Performing Hearts is about doing the right things and we are committed to keeping it going."
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