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Camp Happy Times
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Our trip to Camp Happy Times was great! Camp Happy Times is located on a beautiful lake setting in Tyler Hill, Pensylvania. The Valerie Fund sponsors the camp which hosted 175 young people and 100 volunteers during the last week in August. Our first impressions were wonderful. Although the camp was only in its 3rd day, it seemed like everyone we met felt "at home." We couldn't help but feel that we were becoming part of a larger family. Camp Happy Times is dedicated to providing a true summer camp environment to young people who are battling cancer and blood disorders. The Director, Millie Finkel, keeps the ship on course. She kept us focused on making the experience for the campers one where they participated rather than just observing. Boy did they participate! We conducted three workshops close to 2 hours each. The counselors and the campers learned several jazz routines very quickly. We demonstrated once or twice, practiced 2 or 3 times without music, and then, blasted the music and danced away. The lunch break provided a needed rest...then back to the dance floor. At the end of each session, we performed a few of our tap routines. The kids were incredibly interested and supportive................

At the end of the day, we felt that we had really shared a fun time with the kids, our peers. Millie and her staff made it easy for us. The facilities were great and they encouraged the kids to participate by their example... I think the counselors got a real workout! On our way home, we reflected on how our anxieties regarding how the day would work out had vanished almost instantly upon arriving at Camp Happy Times, replaced by a warm feeling that will never be forgotten. Thank you to all the kids and volunteers who helped us make a little difference. We look forward to visiting again.
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